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maarosh schrieb am 12.07.17 um 17:43
Hi Uli and all Ka Ul Lis Ridges team,

it is today 14 years since our best ever boy Dargo was born at your place. He just missed his 14th birthday by only couple of days so we cannot tell him happy birthday anymore. But I still can say that I am happy I had proudly spent all his by his side and that he was my greatest acompanion for so long

If there are some of Dargo's brothers or sisters still alive, please give them hug and say hello to them from us.

I look forward to meet you soon.



Sylvia sajovic schrieb am 30.05.17 um 13:26
PS: Bonsai hatte 11 stolze Jahre bei uns verbracht!

Sylvia sajovic schrieb am 30.05.17 um 10:43
Sehr traurig sende ich die Nachricht, dass wir uns gestern von "Bonsai" alis Mpenda of Ka-Ul-lis Ridges verabschieden mußten. Nachdem zu Weihnachten ein Analtumor diagnostiziert wurde hatte er noch 5 schöne, angenehme Monate ohne Komplikationen im Kreis unserer Familie, aber dann ging es ganz plötzlich binnen 1 Tag so schlecht, dass wir ihm weiteres Leid eraparen wollten. Er war ein außergewöhnlich sozialer, liebesbedürftiger, großartiger Ridge - wir vermissen ihn sehr..

maarosh schrieb am 29.08.16 um 17:09
Hi Ulrike,

of course I did not forgot even this year. I just had a busy time moving from Prague to Zlin for at least some time so I did not find time to write it on a proper day, which is of course 12th of July. Sorry, my fault :-)

12th of July 2016 it was 13 years since my gorgeous Dargo was born at yours place and yours kennel. THE ONE of them all. Dargo is still in great condition. You can see the age on him, his eyes and ears are not as bright as some years ago, but you can still see the sharpenes in his face. Comparing to other ridgebacks of his age he looks mostly much younger and his temperament, behavior and movements appears much younger as well.

To see oldies in this great condition is a true gift. I am sooo happy that I still can be his good life partner. I will never ever stop being thankful for a privilege of living with him. Even hundereds of years after me and him will be both dead. So as every single year, I am loudly saying ULRIKE, THANK YOU FOR DARGO, THE ONE AND ONLY!

Milo is also very OK of course. He is fully healthy as well, but to be honest, Dargo is in better physical condition even if he is 2,5 years older. But it was allways like this. All their lives untill now :-)

We are not going to Orlik this year so I will not have a chance to meet you there if you are going. Me and Maruska Kubinova are waiting a little baby to be born on beginning of October. Yes, I will be the father :-)) Therefore we should not travel too much now so we will miss Orlik for the first time.

Actually as Maruska has 5 dogs, Dargo and Milo are living now in pack of total 7 dogs, 4 bitches and 3 dogs and they have all great relationships :-)

I wish you all the best and please say hello to Carl, Charlie and also to Karin and all the dogs as well of course!!

Hope to see you soon when I do not have a chance to say hello in person this year at Orlik.



Christoph schrieb am 04.08.15 um 22:06
Ich wollte mich für meinen wunderbaren Hund Ibhubesi bei euch bedanken.

Einen freundlicheren, gutmütigeren, herzlicheren Angsthasen hätte ich mir nicht wünschen können. Am Montag ist er im Alter von 12 Jahren leider von uns gegangen - mir blutet immer noch das Herz.

Fam. Fuchs schrieb am 15.07.15 um 10:22
Hallo Frau Lichtenauer,

wir gratulieren Fiona, Rosie und natürlich auch Ihnen ganz herzlich zu der erfolgreichen Ausstellung.
Sie können wirklich ganz stolz auf Ihre Mädls sein. :)

aus Salzburg Fam. Fuchs

maarosh schrieb am 12.07.15 um 21:53
Uli and Ka Ul Lis Ridges,

it has been tvelve years today since your I litter met sunlight. One of little babies was Dargo, who is my companion for last tvelve years and for all this time he makes my life better and happier. Much better and much happier. I am soooo much proud that he is with me and as I tell you every single year, I am so thankful that I can share my life with him. He is just too special!!!!!! It is absolutely not only me who can see that.

Dargo is doing very well and he is in great shape (really great) for his age and he still has lots of fun with his 9,5 years old buddy Milo ... and with me of course as well ... :-))))

YOU made serious part of my life by letting me have him. THANK YOU!!!


P.S. Please keep breeding --- keep breeding these special beings as my little boy Dargo is!!!

rosemarie, lugger schrieb am 20.08.14 um 17:19
Liebe Fr. Liechtenauer,
Herzliche Glückwünsche zu dem sehr hübschen, gelungenen Wurf, wünscht Jamali Kianga!

Maros schrieb am 12.07.14 um 22:09
Hi Uli and all your human and dog family :-)

Today it was eleven years ago, since Dargo was born thanks to you at your place. And as every year, I have to tell you that he is without any doubts absolutelly best animal ever born on all worlds :-) Really, he is sooo special. And I am definitelly not only one who see it. He just simply IS THE ONE and many people and dogs who know him realised that too.

I am so thankful for the privilege to share my life with him. Nothing better eveer happened to me in my life.

I wish all the best also to all his brothers and sisters from "I" litter. Hope they are doing weell and there is still very many of them running on this world.

Dargo is still doing very fine. Of course I can see age on him, but he is really in very good shape for 11 years.

And I wish all the best to you all as well of course! Hope to see you soon, maybe Orlik? ...

With kindest regards


Zurimahali Fumo schrieb am 11.05.14 um 20:35
Ich gratuliere meiner Schwester Fiona zu ihrem tollen Erfolg bei der RRCÖ Club-Show. Viele Grüße aus Innsbruck, Fumo


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